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 Dimensions and technical details Housing made of galvanised steel sheet Size selectable: diameter 100 to 315mm Installation in the heat cycle of an existing heating system Two access panels on the water supply side Pipe connections with rubber-lip seal Water supply and return pipes with external thread 3/4" Air heater with aluminium fins pressed onto a copper pipe Max. operational temperature: 100°C Max. operational upstream pressure: 8 bar A filter box should be installed in front of the heater coil to prevent contamination and decrease in performance (please order separately) The PWW heater coils 100-200 are controlled by the temperature regulating system TRW 300 which contains a gate valve 3/4", a thermostate with remote adjustment and a remote sensor (sensor can be used inside the duct or room), the TRW 300 is not included in the delivery and needs to be ordered separately The RWHR should be planned in the direction of the flow behind the fan so that the maximum permissible motor temperature is not exceeded because of the transported medium The length of the ventilation duct between the fan and the RWHR should be at least one metre The exhaust and draining must be provided Please note the loss of pressure caused by the heater coil Attention: An antifreeze protection must be provided on-site.   Type Item description RWHR 100 Air heater, galvanised steel, ø 100mm RWHR 125 Air heater, galvanised steel, ø 125mm RWHR 160 Air heater, galvanised steel, ø 160mm RWHR 200 Air heater, galvanised steel, ø 200mm RWHR 250 Air heater, galvanised steel, ø 250mm RWHR 315 Air heater, galvanised steel, ø 315mm